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Suzanne’s Quilt Shop opened in 1988. Five years previously, I became interested in quilting because of a neighbor Linda H. Here we are together hand quilting at the South Florida Fair. Linda is the lady in the background and Suzanne in the foreground. We belonged to the Palm Beach County Quilter’s Guild. Each year there was a special competition for a block to go in the quilt made for the fair. Linda and I both had blocks in that quilt.

Linda did not teach me to quilt but she inspired me. I took some lessons from our pastor’s wife and at a quilt shop in hand piecing and hand quilting. After the first 2 quilts I wanted to do some quick machine piecing. I thought I could tear my strips for a log cabin quilt and they would be fine. I created one big mess. Linda said “Try my rotary cutter.” I was too cheap to buy a non-essential gadget like that. Boy was I wrong!  I was hooked on rotary cutting. It was one of those AH HA moments!

I had no sooner started quilting when I realized I would like to teach quilting. I have a degree in Home Economics Education and loved to sew. Linda and I thought it would be wonderful to own a quilt shop together. We did a little research and realized the timing was not right for us financially. Our children were young and we needed jobs with paycheck and maybe some day it would happen. We each had 3 kids in the same age range and we attended church together.

Linda started teaching pre school and I started teaching home economics to middle schoolers. We tried to find time to meet once a week for quilting. After 5 years I was able to financially open Suzanne’s Quilt Shop. Linda could not join me in the business venture. She continued our weekly quilting bee at the shop. She completed a Baltimore Album quilt while I only made 3 blocks. She was artistic and one of the sweetest persons you would ever know.

I speak of my friend in past tense because Linda passed away at the age of 60 last November of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is the only photo I have of the two of us enjoying our hobby. When I last saw her in the nursing home I mentioned quilting. Linda replied “Oh how I loved it so! You and I were going to ……..”

Spend some time each week doing what you enjoy with the people you love.

Happy Quilting,


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Suzanne Leimer

Suzanne's Quilt Shop opened in 1988 to provide quilting supplies and classes in Palm Beach County. Owner Suzanne Leimer, a home economics teacher, dreamed of one day owning a shop when she made her first quilt in 1983. The first shop was 1,100 square feet in the back corner of a shopping center.

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