Lincoln’s Log Cabin

We have so many wonderful prints in our Civil War department and wanted to make use of them in a simple traditional quilt. I have made many log cabin quilts but never the courthouse steps version. Our shop is across the street from the county courthouse so it was meant to happen.

Shirley gathered up 63 fabrics and cut 2″ strips with our Accu Quilt Studio die cutting machine. Using the directions in Log Cabin ABC’s the strips were cut into logs using her Michell’s Log Cabin Ruler. We thought my little Featherweight Singer would be perfect for piecing this quilt. I stitched all the squares and assembled the top in one day with help from Shirley, Dallas and Jennifer who pinned and pressed while waiting on customers. Wow! We were impressed how fast this went.

Next step was to load it on the Handi quilter with Pro Stitcher computerized machine quilting. Dallas quilted a beautiful Fall leaf and acorn design in one day. You are probably wondering why we did not hand quilt this. We wanted this quilt to look old but to be useful. This looks so great on the antique bed in the store.

When we were cutting out 2″ strips we made kits for our customers. This will saves you a lot of time. You can purchase Lincoln’s Logs and make one too. Lincoln’s Log Cabin kit contains precut strips to make a 66″ x 72″ center. Choose additional fabric for your borders and backing according to the size you want. On our quilt we added a 1″ finished first border and a 6″ finished second border. The finished size of our quilt is 80″ x 96″. We would be happy to calculate borders and colors to complete your quilt in the size you want.

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Suzanne's Quilt Shop opened in 1988 to provide quilting supplies and classes in Palm Beach County. Owner Suzanne Leimer, a home economics teacher, dreamed of one day owning a shop when she made her first quilt in 1983. The first shop was 1,100 square feet in the back corner of a shopping center.

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